Cannot connect an agency. Solving "Invalid login or password" and other errors

The most likely reason for this error is that you’ve entered an invalid login/password combination. Please check symbols case (upper/lower), num/caps lock state, keyboard layout, hyphens, spaces, dots and so on.If you’re absolutely sure that your data is correct then deactivate the agency and try to do the following (one by one):

  • Log out from the agency website in the browser and enter the login and password manually. Make sure you can log in with those credentials.
  • Try to connect the agency to M+ in another browser. Make sure any auto-completion/password remembering is turned off!
  • Try using username instead of email as the login.
  • Change the password on the agency website and in M+ settings. Use simple combinations of Latin letters, digits and avoid using special characters like / \ = + ( ) ? % #

If the error contains ‘tax form’ it means that the agency asks you to fill out the tax form on the website. If you have filled it long time ago then most likely it has expired. If you’ve filled it recently then it’s probably still in review and you need to wait.If the agency is stuck in the ‘verifying’ state then most likely it’s caused by the paranoia of their bot protection system or unsuccessful captcha solving attempts. In such situations connecting the agency can take up to couple of days. If it doesn’t get connected in 2 days please contact our support.

Known issues with specific agencies:

  • Dreamstime: If you’ve just registered an account there please submit a file manually to get your account switched to the contributor interface before you connect it to M+.

  • Adobestock: If the agency sends you verification codes by SMS/e-mail it means you have to enter them on M+ for the authentication to succeed. To do so just open the “My files” or “Manage agencies” M+ page and wait a bit - it’ll show a form where you can enter the code. If the code has been sent to you a long time ago the form won’t show up. In that case you will need to wait for the next code to arrive.

  • 123rf: Sometimes the agency sends you an e-mail with a link to confirm the authentication saying that you’re entering from an unusual place. In that case please click the confirmation link and then wait in M+ for the form asking you to do that where you can click the OK button.

  • Pond5: Use your username instead of email. If you’ve filled out the credentials but M+ still says that you didn’t specify something - you didn’t enter the FTP password probably.Please note that your FTP password differs from your website one. You can specify it at and then fill it in the Pond5 settings at M+.

  • Freepik: You need to specify the FTP password which is given to you by the agency after uploading first 100 files.

  • iStock: API key or API secret is not specified in settings / You’ve entered wrong API keys. You didn’t specify the API keys in settings or have entered wrong ones. If you believe that this is a mistake please deactivate the agency and activate it back by filling the login and password again.

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