How to solve the "Login failed due to administrative reason" error on Bigstock

Why does this error occur?

Bigstock has introduced a quite arguable security system which is incorrectly assuming that the user’s IP address never changes. If you (or M+) will try to log into your Bigstock account from an unusual (for you) IP address - the agency server will respond with this error and send you a password reset link by email. You won’t be able to log in with the old password any longer. The only way to resolve this issue - is to reset your password from the IP address you want to log in. That’s the IP address of one of M+ servers that has been assigned to you.

So how do I connect Bigstock?

We’ve developed a workaround for this issue. First of all, if you have ALREADY reset your password using the link sent to you by the agency - please deactivate Bigstock in the settings and fill in the new password there. After that you will see the same error message and get a new password reset link by email (if you didn’t receive a new link then you’re probably trying to do it too fast - give it an hour delay and then try again). Thus, you will have a new UNUSED password reset link.

Now, please deactivate Bigstock in settings and give it an hour to make sure the cached error got reset. Then fill in your e-mail address, the desired password (you can specify the one you were using before) AND copy the password reset link that you’ve received to the field in the bottom of the form and click the Save button. After that Bigstock should get connected successfully. If you get the same error message - try again in an hour. If you see a “verifying” status for a long time - give the system some time, it should authenticate correctly within 30 minutes.

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Published date: 07/04/2020 12:24PM
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