How to upload/submit a file? How to re-upload it?

There is an “Upload / Submit” tab that serves as a control center for such operations. You can find it to the right from the “Directory tree” tab. Activate it by clicking it, then select a group of files and you will see their status for every agency:

  • Pink - not ready, you haven’t specified some metadata or have specified it wrong, please consult the exact error message to find out the reason.
  • Yellow - file is ready to be uploaded. You can check some agencies and click the “Upload selected” button. The status will be changed to “Queued” and will be uploaded as soon as possible.
  • Light green - file has been uploaded to the agency
  • Dark green - file has been submitted.
  • Blue - file has been scheduled to be uploaded later.

Submission is performed automatically by M+ as soon as possible, you cannot trigger it manually because there is no need for that. If it doesn’t happen then probably something is wrong. It could be caused by lack of submissions left for this agency, or by some internal agency error, or by changes on the agency that require our intervention. If the files have appeared at the agency website, you have enough submissions but the submission didn’t happen within 2 hours - please contact our support.

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